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(c)Soosungliqour Corp. 

Representative Lee sung ro

22, Joya-ro 7-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

Tel) +82 053-952-1124~5

Fax) +82 053-939-1126

Let Introduce our coporation.

 Introduce more detail six things of our products.

Let announce a main curiosity Soosungliqour selled to the marketplace.

The Era of Globalization / 2010s~

  • Operation a factory in Shenyang, China

  • Selling products through large discount stores and department store in Korea.

  • Growing as a nationwide brand and selling products through nationwide supermarket chain.

  • Entered into a business agreement with the Institute for fermentaion biotechnology of Kyungpook national university.

The Era of Industrialization / 1980s~

  • Competition with the Koaliang Liquor companies in Korea. 'Soosung koaliang liquor' and 'Donghae white liquor' were famous.

  • In 1982, 'Soosung koaling liquor' became the best in Korea.

  • The  Soosung koaling liquor was the original model of the 'Okchen' traditional liquor.

The Era of Industrialization / 1950s~​

  • The history of Soosung koaliang liquor is the history of the Korye koaliang liquor.

  • This is one of the oldest alcohol brands in Korea made in Daegu city.

  • Dongcheon whiteliquor, the manseong pub in 1958 was the former version of Soosung koaling- liquor.


 The sorghum is a good grain to protect the stomach and detoxifies the body according to the record of the 'Dongeuibokgam(Korean  medicine book)'. This is pure premiun distilled liquor made from fermented sorghum. The purity of alcochol is very high because any ethyl alcohol or glucose are not used in the manufacturing process. The first taste is clean and aftertaste is fresh since the liquor is made through the solid fermentation process that has been and handed down from the ancient times.

 The white liquor is also known as oriental whisky because of its clearness and is famous as a liquor for joy and celebration. Soosung Liquor will be become your friend with its pure taste and deep flavor in a moment od joy and gratitute.

Have a tradition of the Korean penisula!

Drink the continent of Asia!

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