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Have a tradition of the Korean penisula!

Drink the continent of Asia!

Nice to meet you. I'm representative of Soosungliqour corp, Sung Ro. Lee

 Soosungliquor, Only one brand of Korea's Kaoliang Liquor!


 Sincerely welcome to visit our website.


 Our products have leaded a tradition of Korea's own Kaoliang Liquor, started to make the best liquor in the middle of Daegu, one of the metropolitan city of korea, after the independence of Korea in 1945's.

 Soosungliquor is the first Korean alcholic beverages in modern times.


 Kaoliang Liquor is the best liquor extracted from the sorghum, fermented and distilled.  Commonly liquor is a exquisitely purified brewage. In that case, Soosungliquor is a fragrant liquor that is superlative in traditional Kaoliang scent and taste that many people like.


 Soosungliquor Corp endeavors to make the best liquor and makes a continuous product development by teaming up with The Institute of Fermentation Biotechnology, Kyungpook National- University, in Korea.  Recently we operate a factory in shnyang in china, sell our product to china and supply to a domestic famous department store, big-box retailer and nationwide supermarkets.

  For Soosungliquor's means, Soo(壽) is a longevity and sung(星) is a great fame.


 In this meaning of reason, we choose a owl a mascot because it has a symbol of wisdom, longevity and fortune. So we call our product to "owlliquor".


 Have a great fame and health with our product, "owlliquor".

 I hope to get a lot of support from you. Thank you.

Have a tradition of the Korean penisula!

Drink the continent of Asia!

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