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Have a tradition of the Korean penisula!

Drink the continent of Asia!



What is made of Soosungliquor?
Has it a additives?

 Our Soosungliquor is the rare liquor made traditionally fermented and distilled. We choose the red sorghum, which is the best quality, and ferment it malt with a method of construction-a solid fermentation. So we get a high pure liquor through distil-mature-course and filter.

 You know that generally many alcoholic beverage has a additives. But the more be accumulated these additives, the more be nothing about a well-being-health. However, we make Soosungliquor from high distil-mature-course and filter, so it has an arcane scent and flavor that may be alike used in an ancestral rites for the God. From ancient times, only the best quality alcohol is offered for God.

 In these case, We can say our "Soosungliquor" is " The bridge alchol, The God and Human"

 Our Soosungliquor has targeted many Korean's flavor so has evolved for Korean's preference. Our product are six types of things. The price is divided from a quality-class. Commonly important points are a quality of the sorghum and a ripening period. The best Soosungliqour is made from the best brew- expert and the best material.


Can I possible to get a Soosungliquor order through the Internet?
 No, We don't sell through Internet. Soosungliquor is distributed like beer or Soju.
 You can buy in hypermarket, supermarket, department store and restaurant.


Then, how can I get Soosungliquor?

 Soosungliqour is usually distributed in superamarket, Korea E-mart, HanaroMart, and famous department store, village store. We don't sell through Internet. If you want, Call to "Inquiry about product" then we will introduce our product.

* Inquiry about product : +82 053-952-1125


I really want to buy Soosungliquor. But It doesn't exist in near supermarket or mart. How can I do?

 You have to say a market manager that Soosungliquor should be ordered in the market. Then Soosungliquor will be distributed in the market through the wholesale store. The wholesale store has a Soosungliquor in the whole country, Seoul to Jeju Island.


Can I know hypermarketes that sell the Soosungliquor?

 You can find out our product in "이마트, 이마트 에브리데이, 나들가게, 코사마트, TOP마트, 대백마트, 메가마트, 이랜드, 하나로마트, 현대백화점, 동아마트, 동아백화점, 대백프라자, 홈플러스". In other way, you can buy our product if you say the market manager that order the Soosungliquor.


How much is Soosungliquor?

Soosungliquor Price(It is different because this price is a recommended price.)

  •  Retail product

    • Soosung fresh 40 liquor - 6,000 won

    • Soosung Baigan 36 liquor - 5,000 won

    • Owlliquor 29- 6,000 won

  • Recreational product

    • Soosung special 34 - 25,000 won

    • Soosung Premium 43 - 200,000 won

    • Soosung Premium Blue 35 - 200,000 won


I opened a bottle cap, but How to open an inner cap?

Soosungliquor's cap is for a prevention of forgery.


We adopt this cap for saving customer's safety.

And It has a function to prevent a pouring.


If I have an another question, How can I do?


If you have, please click "Inquiry" and send E-mail, or call to the corporation. Thank you.

Have a tradition of the Korean penisula!

Drink the continent of Asia!

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